MINI Vision – The Design of Tomorrow

As part of MINI Design @ Home, Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design, gives an outlook on visionary design and innovative ideas: With the MINI Vision, MINI presents a study that shows future-oriented elements of the MINI design of tomorrow.

Maximum versatility

A vehicle design with creative innovations for premium quality in the compact class was developed. As is typical of MINI, the MINI Vision impresses its creativity, individuality, and a high degree of versatility. Interactive gadgets such as the driving experience switch, with which the entire interior of the vehicle can be transformed into different color and experience worlds in a matter of seconds, reveal a glimpse into the future.

The MINI design vision is presented using a virtual 3D hologram. This form of representation provides an insight into how the MINI designers work. In addition to the classic sketch and 1: 1 clay models, they can test and optimize creative ideas quickly and realistically by using virtual reality.

Between tradition and modernity

The exterior of the mine is the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The design consciously picks up on the brand’s past and combines the elementary features and values ​​of MINI with pioneering aesthetic and technical innovations. The classic Mini inspires the sizeable hexagonal radiator grille of the MINI Vision. Both the bumper and additional lights have been integrated into the grill on the MINI Vision.

The unmistakable, typically round MINI shapes can be found on the exterior, among other things in the elliptical full-LED headlights. The outer light ring of the headlamp provides a homogeneous light and serves as daytime running light.

Typical style elements

The MINI brand’s outstanding recognition features are the clear division between the roof, glass surfaces, and vehicle body. The wide chrome strip at the top of the vehicle body, the striking side indicator element, and the black band that closes the vehicle at the bottom are typical MINI style elements.

Does the MINI Vision present these three defining design elements as a fluidly connected unit ?? shown with the innovative lightweight material ?? organic sheet ??. This is an extremely malleable and stable material that is pressed from various fiber materials. The unique pattern of the ?? organic sheet ?? is comparable to the texture of textiles.

Aerodynamic air intake

In addition to lightweight construction, aerodynamics play a particularly important role in the MINI Vision concept ideas. The vehicle body has an aerodynamic air inlet and outlet around the front wheel arch, airflow-optimized rims, exterior mirrors, and an integrated roof spoiler with airflow.

At the rear, the pronounced shoulders give the MINI Vision extremely sporty and compact proportions. Overall, the MINI Vision’s entire exterior design language is presented through finely drawn and clearly defined edges in the sheet metal, thus underlining the precision and sportiness of the concept.

Originality and creativity in the smallest of spaces

The interior of the MINI Vision is characterized by its style, variability, functionality, and aesthetics. The basic idea of ​​the MINI brand of creating maximum comfort despite minimal external dimensions is reflected in every interior’s detail.

The driver and passengers experience the feeling of generous space with the advantage of a space-saving small car through a transparent and open cockpit, curved doors, and a center console floating freely above the floor. Lounge seats in dynamic pipe shape complete the unique ambiance.